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Our store is voluntary to reduce the risk of infection
We are working on this initiative.

Prevention of three dense (sealing, compactness, closeness)
(Ventilation, matrix interval, etc.)
Prevention of splash infection and contact infection
(For example, employees wearing masks)
Prevention of infection during movement
(such as time difference attendance and telecommuting)
・Preventing access to facilities such as fever
(Check condition, etc., check of inspection and physical condition of employees and visitors)
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Japanese women's experiences



Making the best memories in Meijikan and Hakodate Bay Area
Straight couples and group communications.
You can take a picture of the sense of the times against the background of the cityscape of Hakodate.

Of the activity in various fields
Champions also come to the store! !
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It is a Ministry of authentic costume experience up a notch. Dress up 130 wearing kimono is 300, total 430 wear luxurious, expensive costumes, beauty Concierge who's leading you nice transform him into. The NHK "good morning Hokkaido" and are loved by customers accumulated more than 10000 people in three years, was introduced to the national broadcasting of Thailand, such as domestic and international mass media 18. "This finish, this is impossible! "And it is our regulars. With experience you can come.

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