[Full Bloom SAKURA] Thai Mother and Daughter Enjoy a Scenic Kimono Experience & Photoshoot in Hakodate!


Hello, everyone at the Modern Costume Gallery! Today, we have a special experience to share with you. A mother and daughter from Thailand enjoyed a kimono experience and photoshoot in Hakodate, Hokkaido!

With the arrival of spring, the beautiful cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Hakodate. Dressed in kimonos, the duo experienced Japanese traditional culture amidst this picturesque scenery. Both mother and daughter looked stunning in their kimonos, and they surely captured some beautiful photos with the cherry blossoms.

At the Modern Costume Gallery, we offer a wide variety of kimonos and traditional Japanese accessories to cater to our diverse international clientele. It’s a fantastic place for visitors to Japan to enjoy the country’s traditional culture.

Through the wonderful experience of the mother and daughter from Thailand, we encourage you to try a kimono experience at the Modern Costume Gallery as well. With the spring cherry blossoms, you’ll undoubtedly capture unforgettable memories in your photos!

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